There's something about the fall, isn't there?
Crisp air, crisp apples, new crisp lined paper.

I think you all know by now
how much I love Christmas.
And fall is a very close second
It's more like 1a and 1b, really

There is something about the fall
New beginnings,
back to school, a fresh start

Then there are the Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
Perhaps you remember my
Fall = pumpkin spice and UBC football
I have very fond memories of that combo
I distinctly remeber stopping at the Starbucks
near W16th and Arbutus
Getting a drink with a pump pof pumpkin
Then sitting in the blue and yellow stands
cheering on the Thunderbirds

Oh, and don't forget -
School Zones apply again
And did you hear they are really crackin' down
on the speed in the school zones?
So don't EVEN ride my tail and honk at me
as I obediently go 30 past the schools

Ah, September
A new beginning
A new start
A new school year

Who loves school supplies?
Did anyone else love Back to School shopping
as much as I did?
I looked forward to those first
few weeks around the beginning of the year
Labelling all my Laurention coloured pencils
Carefully printing my name
on each of the 48 crayola crayons
Breaking in my new non-mark runners around the house

The first time sharpening those #2 pencils
Fingering the pages of my Hilroy notebooks
New lunchkits, new jeans
new gym bag
New class, new teachers
New glue
Promising myself to keep my desk clean
for the whole year
Hot dog days, assemblies,
singing the school anthem.

{What was/is your favourite thing about back to school?}


  1. Ah, Miichelle, we have such similar hearts ♥

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  3. Oh man... you made me remember how great fall is. Maybe the rapidly plummeting temperatures here in Montreal aren't so bad after all...


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