Close to Home

So this afternoon when I got home from work
I hunkered down with my lap top
to catch up on 9 days worth of blog reading
I had missed out on.

One of the most time consuming
oh-so-enjoyable blogs to read
is called

I am positive you've clicked on this link before.
And even more positive of the fact that you've seen
photographs from this site before
as many pictures from these webpages inspire me

Well today there were pages 
upon pages of weddings to read about
There are always more than one post a day
and well, after 9 days
Let me just save you the time
and tell you that I was enjoying
the 30+ minutes of oogling over
flowers, dresses and others' cool ideas

I came across one post about a country-esque wedding
Well, me being me, loved this one.
Photos with horses, cowboys boots and crinolin
Just beautiful.
After reading the couple of paragraphs 
that sum up the wedding
I read that the wedding was in none other then Penticton, BC!
"Wow, that is really cool!"
I thought to myself.
Well, after reading they credits 
(they credit all those involved - caterer,
florist, dress designer....)
I saw the photographers name
A young girl from Langley!

You may have looked at her pictures of 
or perhaps her photo sesh with 
Well, anyway
She is totally talented
and it was a pretty big deal
to see her on this
hot-shot website!

Here are a few of the pictures that I just loved:

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  1. aww michelle!!! thank you! :) just found this post. you're so sweet.


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