Looking Backwards and Forwards

The other day Spencer and I were talking about life
"What will it look like in 5 years?"


It is so hard to answer that question
We tried by simply stating what WE hoped it would entail
- Spencer working as a chiropractor-
-Living back in Canada-
-Hopefully one or two kidlets-


Looking back to 2005
Would I have guessed I'd be where I am now?
I pretty much new Spencer and I would be married
And that's about all I got right

About to move to the USA?
Never woulda thought
In my third year of marriage?
Never woulda thought
Attending my brother's wedding in 10 days?
Never woulda thought
Living in Tsawwassen in the World's Cutest Cottage?
Never would a thought

It's amazing to see what God has planned for us
When we look BACK 5 (or more) years
It's interesting to guess what the next 5 years will hold
It just goes to show that we have OUR plans
And God has HIS


Just another lesson in trust

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