Online Shopping

I just went "online shopping" at Anthropologie
and spent too much money!
*wink, wink*

Here's what I "bought"

A couple of dresses, an outfit, a really cute jacket, a skirt, a cardigan and some cute tops

These adorable turquoise hoop earrings, the grey droplet earrings, a bicycle necklace,
these very IMpractical shoes, a new scarf, these jeweled drop earrings and these ADORABLE red shoes

I bought some stuff for our new place too. Some knobs for dressers and cupboards. A couple doorknobs, one that says  "Enter" on one side and "Goodbye" on the other. Some switch plates, and cool hooks.

A few other things for around the house. A sheet set, a cool bowl (that was over $500. woops!), a cool blue and white printed towel, a perfume bottle, a really cute shower curtain. Some measuring spoons, a douvet cover, dishes, pitchers, a candle, and pot holders....

I did not too bad, did I?


  1. Ahhh I love anthropologie. Spent more on the hardware for my new armiore and night stand than the two pieces were actually worth! Cute stuff, wanna buy me a new wardrobe?

  2. I would guess that you restrained and didn't in fact go crazy with online shopping....
    based mainly on the fact that you're still married.... ;)


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