The White Spot Experience

Today Spencer and I set out in our sneakers and our re-useable grocery bags and headed "downtown" Tsawwassen to do some grocery shopping.

On the way there (yes, the 5 minute walk) we decided we were hungry and wanted Indian food. There is a great little Indian restaraunt by Safeway. So we headed there and once we arrived we realized it was closed during the day. Spencer suggested White Spot as the alternative.

Easily consoled, I agreed. While waiting for our table in the lobby, in walks my brother-in-law Travis. This may not seem odd to you, but it was because he lives in Kamloops. We were talking and he told me he was meeting some of our other friends there for lunch. I changed our table of 2 to 6.

Now, you have to kind of know the Tsawwassen White Spot to fully grasp the White Spot experience. Its kind of like "Cheers", where everybody knows your name. After the 6 of us (Shannon, Dan, Natalie, Travis, Spencer and I) were seated, Carmelita came up and asked what we would like to drink.

Carmelita - the most famous waitress in Tsawwassen, and probably Ladner too. Say her name anywhere in South Delta, and chances are someone will know exactly what you are talking about. They too have probably been the brunt of her terrible service and incredible charm.

For example:

Customer #1: Oh, I didn't order chicken strips."
Carmelita: Yes you did.
Customer #1: Could I get another refill of my soda, please?
Carmelita: Well, sure!
5 hours later refill arrives while customer # 1 finishes up his/her chicken strips. (Because Carmelita said he/she ordered them, and therefore does not return the order for the correct one. The customer is always wrong.)

So it was really only fitting that the White Spot experience included Carmelita. Sure enough, we see people we know from the grocery store, old friends, and of course, people from church.

When Dan asked what Triple O sauce was and the whole table fell silent, then burst into laughter, we explained to Carmelita he was from the States. She simply smiled, "Oh, you're American." Then she leaned in close and said to Dan, "It's our secret sauce. It's mayonaise and relish." Some secret, eh? Dan scrunched up his nose and asked for his burger with no Triple O sauce.

When Carmelita asked how we would like the bills, and we coupled off stating Spencer and I were on the same bill, and Dan and Shannon were on the same bill; Carmelita looked and Travis and Natalie and again the table burst into laughter.

When they both stated they would like their bills single, by themselves, seperate - Carmelita suggested they "go together". At this point I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face.

So this is the White Spot experience. Meeting up unexpectedly with old friends and sharing a meal, seeing familiar faces who also come in for the White Spot experience, and being served by the best waitress who offeres the worst service.

Welcome to the Tsawwassen White Spot.

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