Wedding on the Brain

Weddings ... what girl doesn't love weddings? With Edolbina and Andrew getting married this June, and my brother and Lauren getting married this July - how can I NOT be thinking about weddings?

I came across some wedding photographers and decided to post some pictures, for you ladies who also love weddings. I just love seeing how the couple is portrayed through the style of their wedding. It is so cool!

Through Jamie Delaine's site, I found these other photographers: Michelle M. Waite and Stephanie Faye. Some of them you couldn't save or "copy and paste" their photos, so just poke around their sites a little. There is one photo of Jamie's I just LOVED, the two were in a library(they the link, let's see if it works.) I immediately thought "Why didn't I think of that?!" What a great idea.


Here's Jalen and Kyle.

I love the red! It makes it POP
Okay, so its not a wedding picture. But its cute! I love the laundermat idea...

A restaraunt in Vancouver

Trains...we did this too.

Again, not a wedding picture. But she is having a baby... so its cute.
Stanley Park! Gorgeous.

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