Spring Rain on Sunday

The rain came today. Although the sun is shines, we don't see it because it is behind layers of clouds. I miss the warm weather ( I saw a lady on a patio at a coffee shop with a spaghetti strap shirt on!), the rain is refreshing.

Its a good day to stay inside watch the Canucks play, and don't forget about the Oscars!

I came across this page today! It funny what you stumble across when randomly searching the internet. This is my mom's older brother Tim and his wife Becky. This is my adventurous uncle (a trait that I didn't inherit) who roams the world climbing the world's tallest Peaks.

This morning at church we had a guest speaker, Marie Ens come and update us on The Place of Rescue in Cambodia. This is one amazing and inspiration lady! Her love for these Cambodian children, and for Jesus, shines so brightly.

Today I making Pesto Chicken for dinner and I am going to enjoy some wine from Wellbrook (the same place that holds the cooking classes) that Howard and Diane brought over, with my friend Darcy.

Today I pray for rest and relaxation as we head into another week.

Blessings to you.

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