Happy Friday to You

Dearest Friends,

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I spent tonight eating dinner with a lovely couple. Pasta, tea, and yummy dessert (thanks Madison!)

Tomorrow we are going to visit two cute kids (my cousins.)

We are also going to watch a little friend of ours play a soccer game. Going to wake up and put my cheering cap on.

Sunday, well Marie Enns is coming to speak at church. An amazing missionary who serves in Cambodia.

Here are some things I discovered today:

Cute Portraits.

A picture that resembles what my mind looks like. :)

Love this site. Love this fabric.

I heart lists. It's true, I do.

What is her train of thought and how did she come up with that?!

My weekend holiday.

Love this guy, and his show.

I bought Spencer this exact same cape. He refuses to wear it.

No comment.

I have been crusing this site lately, and I think you should wear these. Is this for real?

Was this inspired by him?

Been looking at this page, this page and this page quite a lot lately.

Have a great weekend!

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