If I Could Turn Back Time

If I could turn back time -

Right now I would give anything to be sitting on Doris and Jesse's back porch looking over the green hills. If I close my eyes and concentrate, I can hear the church bells ringing. When we were there, it would rain every evening at about 6 or so, then the air would smell so fresh. If I could turn back time, that's where I'd be.

If I could turn back time -

I would go back to the first day we landed in England. We were so tired, yet so excited. It was the beginning of the most amazing adventure. Really a dream come true. I remember so clearly walking the streets of Nottinghill, taking it all in. The sites, the people and their accents and taking pictures of EVERYTHING.

If I could turn back time -

I would revisit the moment I first saw the Mediterranean Sea. We were on a train and we came out of a tunnel and all the sudden there was the most incredible body of blue water. Like BLUE blue. Then we went into another tunnel. Everytime we would come out of a tunnel I would get excited again. Then when I was able to really take it in - I was in awe. What a creative God we have! That he could come up with a colour so vivid it would literally take my breath away.
*You have to know, the picture doesn't do it justice*

If I could turn back time -

I would go back to the summer of 2004. The summer Spencer and I first met. There is something special about that moment in time? That space between the finding that special someone and completly falling head over heels in love with them? There is that sparkle, the bit of mystery, the wonder... I can still remember that feeling. And I like that I still get those same goosebumps when he comes home from work, or I get to see him after being apart for a while. I also love that its him I get to come home too.

* That is me with Tansy on my knee. We are looking at a baby frog.*

If I could turn back time -

I would jump right into this moment. I barely recall it. But I do remember feeling like a princess. So loved, enveloped in it. Dancing with my Grandpa, being held in his big strong arms. Oh the worries of a 5 year old dancing with her grandpa! This photo resembles pure joy.

Today I am thankful for my memory. I know it sounds silly. But these thoughts make me happy. I am glad that I can see a picture and distinctly place it with a smell, a memory that tells a story, an emotion.

A picture is worth a thousand words ... and no currency could puchase it.

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