Our Week at the Peaks

This is our Christmas - spoiling this precious little girl.

Post-Christmas dinner cuddles

Doing Uncle Howard's hair.

Learning to strum the guitar.

This is the evidence of really good chocolate fondue. Messy hair and a chocolate kiss.

Our picnic lunch.

An adventure together. For our anniversary we went cross country skiing. It was a first for both of us. Loved being outside, but for us first timers it was kind of frustrating learning.

The sled dogs taking some tourists out for a ride.

Taste testing


Decked out for a 30 minute walk to the top of the cul de sac and back. She stopped to say hi to every passer by. Then wait for them to be out of sight and then say "bye". What a cool dude, isn't she?

Chiara does her bit to help out, too.

Coco tries Christa's hat on.

Ben and Sharla's 5th wedding anniversary was yesterday, the 31st. So we planned to go on a double date. We decided on the 30th, since it was the day right between our anniversaries. We had plans to "restaraunt hop" and do each course at a different restaraunt. Well, first we went to the Globe for tapas. They turned us away, as they only had private seatings. So we continued on to the new public house near by for some appetizers. Because the staff had told Sharla that afternoon not to worry about making a reservation we headed down to our next desired restaraunt, Bella Italia. They were full! It was from then on that we went to EVERY SINGLE restaraunt, only to be turned away. Feeling defeated, we made a reservation for the 1st, to make sure that we could still go at some point. We headed back up the hill to Douglas Court, to eat our left over pizza. So tonight, we walked back down to the village with confiedence. Walked in to Bella Italia with our heads held high and declared "Reservation for Smid." We were seated immedetiatly. We enjoyed bruschetta and a delicous meal. Each of us got a different dish. After dinner, we went to the Delta for dessert. I had creme brulee, my favourite. Sharla had a ginger peach cake, and the guys had a chocolate torte with blackberry sorbet. Mmmm

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