A New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Don't you just love the new beginning that January offers? A clean slate, a fresh start, new opportunities and open doors.

The end of one year and the beginning of the next provides the opportunity for some "spring cleaning" of the mind.

Setting goals, prioritizing schedules, making amends, making new friends and catching up with old ones.

January is always a hard month for me. I come off my "Christmas high" and then...nothing. Well, besides my birthday. But lets face it, birthdays just aren't the same after Sweet 16. I did enjoy a wonderful birthday. I feel blessed by my family and friends.

I find myself doing the "looking forward" thing. I get excited for the next up and coming thing that I wish away the time I have now. Its not a good habit. Although on the flip side, I am a total "live in the moment" girl. Confused?

Next up Valentines Day, Spring, Tulips, budding flowers, budding trees, sunshine, butterflies, walks in the crisp fresh air, Easter Egg hunts and for me - learning how to garden. Now that I wrote that - I feel pressure!

For now I won't spoil the rest of the snow season for you boarders and skiiers. One more WINTER trip to Sunpeaks in the plans, and then who knows after that.

2010 is an exciting year for us. My brother and Lauren are getting married, dear friends Andrew and Edolbina are also getting married. Camping trips, more days at the beach, and BBQing on our new patio. :)

What does 2010 have in store for you?!

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