Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, I married my best friend. The man I couldn't live with out.

In some ways, it feels like it just happened. Then when I think back on all the things we have done together, I think "How did we fit all that into two years?!"

Here are the top 10 things I love about you Spencer:

1) You are the best ski teacher ever. I even get kisses when I do well.

2) You and I are the perfect fit. My head rests perfectly in the little groove of your arm and shoulder.

3) You have the most striking green eyes

4) You are so good at NHL '09 (oh, and Madden, too!)

5) You make a wicked grilled cheese sandwich.

6) You know what my wants and needs are (my new necklace, making sure I take my meds.)

7) You cook with me! And you're great at it, too!

8) You built me a home.

9) You are the best husband, a great coach, you're genuine, a good friend and a provider.

10) You love me for me. In the ups, in the downs, in the in betweens, you never stop loving me.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. Sorry to tell you on your anniversary but you are wrong about number 4
    He has a brother that is so good at NHL and Madden

  2. This was very cute. Congratulations on two years, Smideos! Love you both.


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