17 People Around A Table

This weekend was the young adults retreat at our place at Sunpeaks. Here is why it was such a great weekend:

1) My whole family was there: Mama Smid, Papa Smid, Hubby, Tyler and Travis. First time since Christmas.

2) A had a WHOLE bunch of friends there, too

3) We all sat around on our butts, watched TV, movies, football and Loui Giglio

4)Saturday night 17 of us all sat around the table and ate a delicious meal. To me, that represents family, home, love. It makes my heart swell to see us all sitting around laughing, talking, "mmm-ing" and passing around the dishes.

5)We went for walks, the sun was shining and we took in the beautiful landscape. It never gets old.

6)The girls slept in one room and the guys in another. I kind of felt like I was 17 again having a big slumber party. Thanks fir providing the entertainment Megan, there were a lot of laughs.

7)The bath tub, soaking in a tub with bubbles, a good book and a coffee. Need I say more? Thanks Sharla for the snowflake bath melties.

8)Hot tub = awesome. Hot tub + snow + margarites = even more awesome

9) Going to the village, watching a live band and - thanks to Ty - one of my favourite things, dancing.

10) Cuddles! My favourite expression of love! Cuddles from friends, cuddles from brothers, and cuddles for husband. I just LOVE cuddling.

Another great weekend at the Peaks.


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