Christmas Vacation

For those of you who don't want to read the entire blog (Tyler and Travis), I will put the highlights in bold. :)

Christmas vacations started Wednesday the 23rd. Spencer and I left right after I got off work at 4 and packed the truck and headed east to Abbotsford. That night I hung out with Megan, we were crazy enough to go to the mall.

Christmas Eve Spencer had to work, so I met Jessi, Edolbina and Angela. We went for a walk, then went to Mr.India for some delectable Indian food...butter chicken, Chicken Kabash, Tandoori Chicken and Curried Lamb. Served with all the carbs and chai tea. It was so much food, and SO yummy.

Later that day when Spencer got home from work we had dinner and went to the Christmas Eve service at Sevenoaks. It was nice, the 6 of us all sitting on a half broekn pew that was severely slanting at an angle. I had to clench my butt cheeks for 2 hours just so I wouldn't slide off.

After church we went back for some appetizers, drinks and conversation. We ended up staying up past midnight, laughing and telling stories. I think we all got a little bit closer after that.

The next morning was Christmas! I was up at 7 30 because I was so excited. The magic of Christmas is still alive. :) I made coffee and woke everyone up at about 8 30. We started stockings, and soon broke into gifts. We opened about half, then waited for Lauren to finish with her family and come over. Then we finished the rest. Spencer and I were spoiled! The rest of the day was spent eatting, resting, visiting and making Turkey dinner!
It is so fun to have a full house of people.
It was such a wonderful day. It felt good to be home for Christmas this year. All 6 of us together. It made Spencer and I both excited for the future when there will be nieces and nephews and kidlets to add to the mix!

The following day we headed up to the mountain to join Howard, Diane, Tyler and Travis. Once again this year, the Franks joined us for Christmas. Minus Shawna. :( Mr. Frank the Dad and Mrs. Frank the Mom were here when we arrived. The Wilcox clan plus the bun in oven, arrived just before dinner. This year Coco is so interactive and not afraid of the boys! She is so fun to have around, and of course is the centre of attention! We all take turns giving and getting hugs and kisses and cuddles.

Today is "Christmas" on the mountain. We woke up and had breakfast, signed the tablecloth (with much debate because its not REALLY Christmas day) Jesse and Tyler are out snowshoeing, the other girls are out in the snow with Coco, Spencer and Trav just finished a couple games of NHL '09. Now Spencer and I are going to walk into the village.

We are going to look for a card for my camera. For some reason it keeps asking for it to be formatted, even when I put it into the computer. So I did that, resulting in all my pictures from the last 4 days being DELETED! This made me so, so sad/mad. So after that I took some pictures of opening gifts this morning. Then it wants it to be formatted AGAIN! So I think I just need a new card. But I may not be able to get one until we go back into Kamloops on Saturday. Which means I will have to bum pictures off everyone else. :( Not the END of the world, but pretty close? No? Guess it will force me to not hide behind my camera this week. But Coco had just come in the room all decked out in her outdoor gear, sunglasses...looking so damn cute that I went to take a picture, then rememered that I don't have a camera to use. I guess in light of the season and all my blessings, its really not a big deal.

We have a week up here before going back to Mom and Dads for birthday dinner. My birthday, I am one of those babies blessed to be born 9 days after Christmas. :) Then back to our home on Sunday the 3rd.

Stay tuned for another ANNIVERSARY post in a couple days... :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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