Ice Skating

Tonight I sat on the sidelines watching ice skating.

Tonight I made an interesting observation about ice skating.

Ice skating brings confidence.

As someone who is not a confident ice skater, I found this piece pf information puzzling at first, but its true.

First of all, there is something flirtatious about ice skating. The guy reaches out and grabs the girls hand who loses her balance. His confidence is boosted when she doesn't let go. She doesn't let go because this once gangly pimply teenager she payed no attention to all the sudden became her night in shining armour for not letting her fall on her butt.

Or, the guy teaches the girl to stop. This causes them both to tumble to the cold ice in heaps of laughter. As he gets up and lends a hand to get her back on her skates, she sees him in a different light. Hmm...

The little girl being held up by the underpits by her mom and dad. Her skates just barely touching the ice. She falls but gets up quickly, without even a cry.

The awkward teenage boy whose skates are too lose and is walking on the ice. Soon is whizzing in circles with the confidence of an Olympian speed skater.

Maybe its the cold air.

Maybe its the fluorecent lights.

Maybe its that their skates are too tight.

But it sure is interesting to watch the tweens of Tsawwassen turn into confident figure skaters about to woo their partner with a triple axle.

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