Bad Days Come and Bad Days Go

Today was a bad day.

Yesterday, well that wasn't great either.

A series of small events caused these bad days.

Isn't it funny how things happen? One weekend we get in a (small) fender bender, and I am the one who supports and reassures the husband. Then while at work I get scratched, puked on, clean up a very poopy undergarnment, get soaked to the bone, apologize to innocent bystanders as they get rammed with a walker while quietly reading in the library and I fall apart.

At the end of the day I was SO ready to just come home and take a hot shower and eat a yummy salad I had been craving. Well, first I have to stop at the store to get some ingredients. Remembering I had a pomegranate in the fridge, I headed home. Upon my arrival I begin to take the ingredients out of the fridge for the salad.

On BIG problem.

A moldy pomegranate.

The tears came.

The tears did not stop.

Spencer hugged me, now he has mascara perfectly showing the shape on my lashes, on his sweater.

He picked up his keys and went to get a pomegranate.


Why is it that the smallest things will send me over the edge, but a dented car doesn't make me shed a tear?

Just another reason why women are so beautifully and wonderfully made by our God.


  1. hugs to you dear Michelle

  2. I'm so glad Spencer was there to hug you. God bless you both.

  3. I just got an account, so I don't have to be anonymous anymore. Now I have to remember it.

  4. i know the feeling. i made soup the other day and spilt it... i jus about burst into tears...but i can the hormones =D

  5. and by can the hormones...i mean BLAME the hormones =D and that typo i can blame on being pregnant haha


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