1) Sleeping in til 10, only to realize that 15 minutes in not sufficient time to get ready for church
2)Lying in bed for 30 minutes
3)Reheating last nights coffee
4)11:15 and still in my housecoat
5)Listening to the background noise of the Lions game (and Spencer yelling at the TV) *Did you know that my husband has a personal microphone headpiece that allows him to communicate with the refs, coaches and players from the comfort of his couch?*
6)re-reheating last nights coffee
7)Thinking of all the other things I SHOULD be doing, but not caring enough to do it
8)Reliving memories from last nights Westerhof Christmas dinner. Lori to Terry: "You know what to do" Terry: Steals the screwdriver set
9)Thinking about getting into the shower, thinking about packing my bag to go to Abbotsford, thinking about decorating my parents Christmas tree!
10)Hearing the music from ALL the Christmas commercials makes me SO happy!

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