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So we aren't SETTLED in yet. We have made a big progress. For a while we have been living half in the suite, half in the house still. Which can get a bit confusing of where I left this, or where I put that and have we brought this over yet?

So tomorrow my goal is to get as much stuff transfered over and PUT AWAY as possible with the help of my mom. She's been such a trooper! I have the day off, with the exception of a staff meeting, to get a bunch done. So as long as I don't sleep in too much, I should get a lot accomplished!

It really feels like home. Spencer and I have both had amazing sleeps as we cannot hear any traffic and our room is in the back corner, so its dark. The other house doesn't even feel like home anymore, more like a distant memory. I can honestly say that I don't miss it, and I want to be the first one to take a sledge hammer to one of the walls (maybe the oven, too?)This little place has such a warm feeling and a peace about it. Something about being able to make a new space your very own. I LOVE my appliaces, I enjoy doing laundry (right now anyway) and feel giddy when I can put a dish in the dishwasher, instead of the sink.

As I write Howard is installing our fireplace (I am VERY excited, as this will add the final "homey" touch, don't you think?) I will take some photos, after tomorrow and its a bit tidier. Stay tuned!

I am sorry for my lack of blog entries. I haven't even caught up on everyone else's! You see, we can't get the cable/phone/internet installed for another week or so, this means that the computer and TV are still in the house. So we have to go in there to do anything on the computer. Watching TV I don't miss too much, as I have never been a big TV watcher. However, I think I'll have to bring a blanket and curl up for the Office tonight. And catch up on Glee! The cleaning can wait for tomorrow...

Until later,
Michelle and My Other Half, Spencer

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  1. I'm sorry, there must be some mistake...did you just refer to SPENCER as your other half?!


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