Slightly Sad

So we are now totally and officially in our suite. Please don't judge by the mess. It is getting better, bit by bit. It's all in here (with the exception of the spare bed) and it is slowly getting put away. Today we got hooked up with phone, cable and internet. So now I am sitting in our office, at a desk with a chair, looking out into the dusk and the traffic of 56th street.
Sitting here was the first time I really got nostalgic about our old home. I looked into the basement window (dismissing the random and frightening thought that popped into my head "What would I do if I saw someone standing in that dark room looking at me?" Ew - freaky.) and remembered the old staircase that lead from the kitchen to the laundry room. The time Diane came over to wash some knitted slippers in my stand up washer and we sat on those stairs and talked with mugs of tea. Then how that convenience was taken away as Spencer literally tore off the sunroom. And how I would waddle my way all through the whole house with a HUGE basket full of laundry. Dropping socks along the way as a trail for someone to find me in case I got lost.
Looking into the bedroom where I have slept for almost two years now. Remembering the first time I slept in that room with Keddi-Anne and Sarah. The time we discovered the mouse. Made hot chocolate and watched (okay, slept through) a chick flick on the lap top. I remember how we realized we didn't have a pump for the air mattress and we called the guys in Ladner, hoping they would offer to drive to our rescue with a pump. I remember Tyler telling us to drive to a gas station and pump it up. Then we laughed so hard at the vision of us attempting to drive up 56th with an inflated queen sized air mattress.
Looking at the patio where we played many card games by candlelight, including the night we tented in the frame of our suite.
The first winter we were married there were many storms and power outtages. I remember one particular night when Spencer was at school and I -thankfully- had some candles lit while reading and the power went out. I was SO scared. The wind was howling and the big trees in the back were swaying like extra tall monsters that seemed to call every sick-o murderer - "Hey there's a girl home alone over here!" I called Tyler in hopes that he could come to my rescue until my husband came home. Thankfully he answered telling me he'd be right over. In the meantime I went into the kitchen (with those big windows showing me the big, dark backyard being lit up with lightening.) The landline telephone was in there. I called home and thankfully Dad answered. I made him stay on the phone with me until Tyler arrived. He comforted me as best he could over the phone encouraging me not to look out the window or listen to the creaks of the house. When Ty and his friend Nick came they lit a fire and we played Life by candlelight and it ended up being a fun night after all.
So it proves that as much as I thought I would NEVER miss living there, I was proved wrong. I will a little bit. Maybe not the living there so much, but the memories that it holds of our first years of marriage.
There was the time we got home from our honeymoon and we opened our presents in the kitchen on the floor, had all our friends over for the first time that turned into my first (and only) birthday party there. Our first Christmas there when Mom came and we decked the house with many white lights (how many did we buy again Mom?), the mini floods in the kitchen and entry way. Laying towels out everywhere hoping to soak it all up. It seemed like such a pain at the time, but now I think we will look back on it with fond memories. Funny stories we will one day tell our kids.
On another note, I am SO loving my little pad! It is just darling, exactly what I hoped it would be. I don't feel scared back here, I can see everything by standing in one spot. The laundry is in the kitchen (its fantastic), I can cook while watching the Food Network and fold laundry all at the same time. :D
One more weekend away, off to Sunpeaks for a long weekend. Then back home to hang pictures! What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Those were wonderful memories to read through, Michelle. Thanks for bringing me along on the "journey back!"
    Just think of all the wonderful memories that you will make in your new little place - hopefully we'll be a part of some of them!



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