Friends, autumn is here. No more denial and holding on to the last bit of summer.
No more warm days of wearing shorts and bikini tops and rollerblades, no more hanging out on the beach with a book and watermelon, no more late night Blizzard dates, no more waking up to a sunny day, and heading to bed when its dusk.

So embrace it! Like I did...in June! So I may be ahead of the times. Who cares? There's no easing me into seasons.

I love the smell of sutumn. You know that crisp air smell? The sunny days and the crisp cool air? It is so refreshing. Doors are dawned with festive greetings and little scarecrows or an assortment of pumpkins and hay bales. There is the smell of apple crisp, cider or cinnamon in a home, a fresh baked pumpkin pie.

There's football games to get bundled up for, a turkey dinner to look forward to, the warm colours of yellows, reds, browns and greens. There may be a fire in the fireplace (or a switch to turn on, which isn't as warm feeling, but whatever works for ya.) Is there anything better then curling up by the fire with a good book?

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