What I'm Thankful For:

1) Family. How lucky am I, that not only do I have a loving and supportive family, but I also have loving and supportive in-laws. Spencer and I feel so blessed to have 2 moms, 2 dads, 3 brothers and a soon-to-be-sister (a first for both of us!) that we get along with, enjoy being with and love.


2) Friends. They are a treasure. How do I even sum them up? I feel like I would need a blog entry devoted to each one of them. Each one of them is so unique and I thoroughly enjoy their company. We love our friends, and love making new friends too.


3) A good church. We are so thankful for our church. We have good friends there, mentors, family and people who support us. We are so thankful for the new pastor the Lord has brought us this year. Spencer and I really love him, his wife and their 2 cute kids!


4) Our home. We have a roof over our heads, enough said.


5) Each other. Spencer and I have each other, that's all we need right? I am so thankful to have a husband who is in love with me, who makes me so happy, who gives the best hugs and is so in love with Jesus.


Here are some other more scattered blessings:
Turkey dinner with homemade everything, home made salt!, my kitty, a working car, being able to support Harelson (our sponsered child in Haiti), our jobs, our suite, our favourite TV shows (Gilmore Girls, the Office, Glee and of course, Sportsnet), day to day safety, my new oven, our health and our family and friends health, Matt and Lauren's upcoming wedding, Travis studying abroad and Tyler's opportunity at Sunpeaks.


"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."
Psalm 107:1

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