Looking Back

Tonight is one of the night's that Spencer is at work, and I had great plans to get lots of cleaning done.

Well, I did do the kitchen, which feels good, and I got grocery shopping done. So we have food and a clean kitchen.

Then I got side tracked with a project. You see, when I clean, I come across things that are nostalgic and get completely side tracked. Ask my mom, last Thursday she helped me clean the basement and had to keep me on track a few times. So now I have a whole new mess. There are pictures and frames all over the living room floor. I have been wanting to redo the picture wall for sometime. I figured now would be a good time, I just ordered some more and have been wanting to pick which photos will go on which walls in our new house. I want to keep the black frame theme, but I have so many pictures I want in frames! So there will be two photo walls, and then one in the office area, along with a pin board.

Here are some of the photos I have been coming across tonight:

My Grandma and I at a restaraunt

Howard and Spencer, chillin'

Me holding Matt when he was born!

The boys in outfits Grandma Claire made them. So cute!

My dad and I at Uncle Ted's wedding

My family in Mexico, December 2006

Josh and Ruth's wedding, brotherly love

Spencer working hard at a young age. I'm sure he was doing a fantastic job :D

Mom and I at one of Spencer's football games

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