There's A Guy Who Loves Me

So for those of you who don't know, I am married. His name is Spencer Smid. I never in a million years thought there would be a person who would love me that much. I mean, I know my family loves me, but that is in a TOTALLY different way. As a girl, I THOUGHT I knew what it would be like, but I could not have imagined it would be THIS good.

Sometimes I think to myself "Wow, he loves me even when I..."

1. play Christmas music in July and begin to dream of the days where Sugar Plums dance in everyone's heads (not just mine, they remain all year round.)

2. he comes home and I have Hanson blaring and I am dancing in my apron while baking/cooking

3. sometims I forget to pack his lunch, or neglect to because I am so involved in something else

4. i have crazy obsessions that leave as quick as they come . (ie: music videos)

5. i am a hypocrit. i hate things being untidy, but i am the first to leave my scrapbooking equitment on the dining room table for weeks because i have been in the middle of a project.

6. i TOTALLY and shamelessly hog the bed. i have tried not to, honestly, but I can't control what I do in my sleep.

7. i am obsessive - Christmas, Hanson, cooking, cuddling.

8. he lets me verbally process - which drives him insane. I talk out everything, dreams, thoughts. And my brain is most active right before bed. He will grunt an "uh-huh" and then I say "Are you sleeping?" and he has learned to say "no" in his sleep.

9. i dream - oh i dream! he listens to me, doesn't always agree with me, but listens none the less. once in a while he will bring me back down to reality and SOMETIMES i can convince him to be swept away right along with me.

10. he went to Disneyland with me TWICE after proclaiming he would not go until we had kids. once in Paris on our Europe holiday, and then this last may over his birthday.

11. after expressing my feelings about wanting a kitty, then after Whitney got her kitty, I got one too! another thing that was sworn would never happen, another reason why he loves me.

12. i went to camp for one week, when i came home my cat was still there. he loves me, see?

13. i like my grilled cheese burnt, but not too burnt. he makes it PERFECTLY

14. he scratches my back EVERY night before i fall asleep

15. he is building me a love shack

16. this one's a winner: when we were dating, he would drive to see me in Abbotsford EVERY weekend. Just ask how many clicks he put on his car.

17. he listens to the little things. for instance, i had mentioned that i love pearls - i never thought i would ever get one, and was dreaming (see #9). For our first anniversary, he gave me a pearl ring. romantic, right?

Pretty amazing.I am loved.


  1. Michelle that post warmed this momma-in-the-laws heart. You are loved Michelle by Spence and many more.

  2. i LOVE that you get excited about Christmas in July. It's strange, but i LOVE it, haha. This is an awesome post - one that you can look back on often :)

  3. Well just as you are a blessed woman, Spencer is a blessed man! You guys are both so wonderful, and even better together!


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