Ode to Matt and Travis

So our kid (not-so-kid) brothers Travis and Matt are off at school.

(Sniff, tear) Where has the time gone?

My brother Matt began school yesterday at UFV. He is the first class of future plumbers to be at the new trades school in Chilliwack. He will be studying five days a week for one year, then begins his appreticeship, all working towards being a journeyman. Way to go Matt - we are so happy for you.

Travis is in his THIRD year (wow) and is doing this semester abroad. He is studying History at a university in England. He is keeping his mom, grandma, aunties and sister-in-law happy by keeping up this blog. We are also happy for you Trav and think this is a cool opportunity for you to study!
This is where Travis is taking his classes -

photo thanks to Travis

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