My Bucket List

A little while ago the "Bucket List" was floating around some blogs. This provoked me to think what was on my bucket list. I had always somewhat had one in my mind, I had just never put it down onto paper. So I have given it lots of thought - come up with a list of 55 things. It is by no means finished, I will probably add things, cross some off as completed. For right now, here is my bucket list.

1. Go Skinny Dipping - completed summer '04, summer '07
2. Go to Europe with my husband (was actually written in my journal at age 10) - completed summer '08
3. Get married - completed Dec. 29/07
4. See Hanson live - completed Sept/08 (Just to say, I was closer then the girl in this video)
5. Go to Bible College - completed school year 05/06
6. Have kids
7. Adopt
8. Take cooking classes
9. Have my own library
10.Visit New York at Christmas
11.Sponsor a child - completed July '09 (Harelson Gay from Haiti)
12.Grow a garden
13.Visit Greece
14.Go across Canada in an RV
15.Tour the British Isles
16.camp all over B.C.
17.Rock a baby to sleep - completed
18.Go to the Deep South, drink unsweetened Iced Tea and have a slice of Georgia peach pie
19.Road trip with the girls - half completed summer '07 (need one more with Edolbina)
20.Read a book in a day - completed summer '07
21.Expose my kids to other cultures
22.Be able to swim in the ocean with no fear - completed summer '06
23.One day have a pearl - completed Dec '08
24.Learn more about football
25.Have the opportunity to give the coat off my back, shoes off my feet...
26.Work at a coffee shop - completed
27.Be a camp councelor - completed '04, '05 and '09
28.See a taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show - completed summer '09
29.Learn to paint - completed 2007, and an ongoing process
30.Have a Bernese Mountain Dog
31.Go stargazing - completed
32.Make creme brulee
33.Dune Buggying on the Oregon Coast
34.Go to Disneyland - completed '02, '04, '06, '08 and '09
35.Do a house exchange and stay in a small town in the U.K. Maybe on a lake for a month or so, like on "The Holiday"
36.Be a stay at home Mom (sidenote: I have a distinct memory of my teacher asking me what I want to be when I grow up, she giggled at my response, "A Mom".)
37.Spend an entire day at the Spa
38.Eat at a restaraunt a world renowned chef works at (ie: Gordon Ramsey, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver)
39.Ride a gondolla on the Venecian canals - completed summer '08
40.Live in the country
41.Spend a night at a Five Star Hotel and have room service and breakfast in bed.
42.See African children dance
43.See a show on Broadway that Sean choreographed (Sean is someone I went to Elementary/highschool with who is doing just that!)
44.Go on a vacation with Spencer in a remote place where its just the two of us, no agenda, no watched or alarm clocks.
45.Go to a Bryan Adams concert
46.Cook a turkey dinner for my family
47.Fly a plane - completed '02
48.Watch my brothers get married
49.Be a fun auntie
50.Meet Johnny Depp
51.Cook through an entire cookbook
52.Write something
53.Ride on a dirtbike/motorbike - completed Aug.16/09
54.Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
55.Drive (fast) in a Viper

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  1. Michelle your bucket list is awesome and I'm glad you've been able to cross so many off already!
    You are much more homey than I am! I just eat the apples raw lol. I'm not the baking type.
    You can get a bunch of cool different blog backgrounds at
    or you can click on it in the top left hand corner of my blog and you just paste the html into your settings. It has instructions once you pick your background. Happy hunting!


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