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Okay, okay, I KNOW how much flack I will get at how premature this blog is. HOWEVER, please let me explain. I know I have always been a "Christmas Nutcase", listening to Christmas music far "too early" (what is too early, and who says?) and LOVE it when Hallmark, Carlton and Costco come out with their Christmas merchandise in August.

This, my friends, was totally out of my control! Again, totally out of my control.

What happened? This morning Spencer turned on the TV and said "No way! Home Alone 2 is on! Hahaha."

*I dropped in the towel in the kitchen, sprinted 2.3 meters into the living room, leapt over a chair* and sat down. Home Alone 2 is on! The Christmas Season is here!
I told Spencer it is a Christmas movie, and he said "No, its Home Alone", then the song cued -"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Everywhere You Go.." HA!

So that my friends, is what inspired THIS post.

Top movies to watch at Christmas Time (whatever your Christmas time may be)
(I have included tabs that will take you to the YouTube video, as a reminder how delightful these movies are. Or if you don't know what they are.)

1. Christmas Vacation
my National Lampoon

2. A Christmas Story

3. I'll Be Home for Christmas with the one and only elementary school crush. J.T.T. (Remember him Mom and Dad?)

4. Charlie Brown Christmas

5. Home Alone 1, and 2

6. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

7. and the one with Jim Carey

8. Christmas With the Kranks

9. Polar Express

10. The Holiday

11. Love Actually

12. The Family Stone

So, as you can see, we've got a lot of movies to watch! We HAVE to get started now. :D

* means a slight exageration

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