So I have BIG BIG news.

HUGE news.

Really big.

I get to cross one more item off of my Bucket List.

Today after I left at 9am to go shopping with my girls, Spencer jetted off to North Vancouver. I had no idea he did this.

Why do you ask, well, he was brewing a little plan behind my back. That sneaky guy.

While I was searching for these precious tickets online and Craigslist, whining about the price of #45 of my bucket list, thinking I will never get to cross it off - Spencer too had been looking online for this same item.

He succeeded.

Today after his football game (calling plays solo and winning) he came home and asked if there was a surprise, would I want to know now, or wait to find out? Since the not knowing is what drives me crazy about all things in life, I told him I'd want to know.

That was it, the moment. He pulled from his left pocket of his khaki shorts twp pieces of paper with something printed on it. He handed it to me. Everything was slow motion...

I had no idea if we were going on a trip, or he'd gotten accepted to school, or what.

Carefully I unfolded the paper to inspect it. This is what I saw:

Now look at little closer:

As it registered I began saying "I'm going to Bryan Adams? You and I? We're going to Bryan Adams?!" Then tears flooded my eyes and I gave him the biggest hug I think I ever have. And I yelled,



  1. Shopping was fabulous - Bryan Adams will be fabulous-er.

    You sure have a nice husband! Way to go, Spencer!


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