Date Night!

Whenever we would be driving in White Rock while at work, whoever I was working with at the time would always say "You HAVE to take your husband there!" whenever we would drive past this restaraunt on 8th Ave.

So finally I did.

I made reservations for a later dinner Saturday night. After already being in high spirits from the Bryan Adams surprise, we got dressed up and drove to White Rock. We get there at quarter to eight and it was already dark. The Washington Avenue Grill was all lit up in tiny white lights.

The restaraunt is on the top floor of this old house. One side faces the road with big, old wooden doors. The other side faces the ocean and is all windows. It has long white curtains that are hung to the side, and draped across the ceilings. Their are old white and black crystal chandeliers, and the moon shines over the water providing the most romantic lighting.

There are three sections, one near the front with live jazz as entertainment, one in the back with the large windows overlooking the ocean. The other is a covered patio that was closed in with an ocean view and a large fire pit in the centre. It was such a cool atmosphere!

Spencer and I drank well, ate well and chatted. Good food, good company. It was truely a night to remember. I am so glad Spencer appreciates good food and flavour too. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, the service, the sights and the smells.

Later we went to the pier. It was pretty cold, so we didn't stay for long! We managed to take some pictures and walk half way down. (It's hard to walk on the pier in high heels.)

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  1. that's great that you both enjoyed it. I love the Wag (as some call it), it has great food & a fun atmosphere!


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