Night Market and Tour De Delta

The Richmond Night Market - that place holds a fond memory for Spencer and I. Despite the frying squids, tacky and flashy Crucifix pictures, clothes made only to fit short men and small-breasted women, knock-offs every second booth...there is some nostalgia.
The first time I went to night market was at the budding of our romance, this is where he first held my hand and never let go. That same night I had purchased these rose bud earrings. I wore those earrings all summer, and they are in all the pictures from that summer.
Last night while there, we came across a simlar pair of earrings! There were pink instead of red, but we bought them for old times sake. It was a good night, and I didn't get sick this year. Travis bought two packs of sham wows, Angela bought four bags, Angela W. got a shirt ("48 dolla, 98 at Holt Renfrew", I got sunglasses and Spencer bought me earrings.

This weekend is also Tour De Delta. A big deal here. Bikers from all over come. There is so much action, Friday is North Delta, Saturday Ladner and Sunday Tsawwassen. I don't know too much about, as I am not into biking and this is my second one living in Delta. But it is kind of neat to watch. They go so fast and sound like a pack of bees as the swarm past. Sitting in church this morning we could here them every so often buzzing by. Then after everyone books it outta church to stand on the road cheering them on.

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