My Attempt / Why I Like Cooking Better

Today I tried something new. I made a Peach Pie. Lately I have been thinking about places I would love to go. One of them is the Deep South. I would love to have their Peach Pie with a glass of iced tea.

I wanted to do something nice for Spencer and have a nice,warm pie to come home from work to. Also, Howard and Diane are up at Sunpeaks, so it was also for Travis to enjoy as well.

That was my attempt : a) make a Peach Pie b)be a good wife and c) be a kind sister-in-law

Well, this leads me to why I like cooking, better then baking!

1) When you run out of flour, it doesn't matter if you have to use whole wheat flour and wonder if it will significantly alter the desired result.

2) It does not usually require my rolling pin, which was purchased in a moment of penny-pinching, from the dollar store, and frequently loses a handle. This causes me to have to stop rolling and try to shove the handle onto the pin in an attempt to make it stay on.

3) It does not require an oven that works completely. Baking I have found out, does. It will change the end result of the desired "baked" item, which ends up either raw or charred, or somewhere in between that is not a light flaky pastry.

4) So please join with me, friends and family, in crossing your fingers and wishing or praying for a warm, delicous, Southern-style Peach Pie!


  1. that looks delish!...any left?

  2. Michelle you are all of the above in your list of what you aspire to be. Spence is a blessed man to call you his wife, our guys love you to bits as their sis-in-the-law and you are a great cook and homemaker.
    The pie looks great, can I get a piece of the next one??

  3. Diane, thank you. And yes, ladies there is some left. But you don't deserve LEFTOVER pie. Some time I will make a fresh one for ya's!


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