A Cute Little Boy Visits "Cuzin Ashelle"

Yesterday my Auntie Barb and cousin Ethan came out for a visit. We went to the beach and spent hours on the playground. He wasn't too thrilled about the beach, wasn't fond of the tidal pools. He did love throwing rocks into the water and demanding the two of us to fetch them. Who could resist a two year old saying "More rocks?" as he looks into your eyes. He loved climbing to the top of the jungle gym and looking out to the water proclaiming "I see the ocean! Bubye beach!" What a cutie. And next Saturday he is expected to have a little brother or sister. So within two weeks there cute family of three will expand by one. We are all excited!!!

His first ever DIPPED cone

Michelle:"Say it again Ethan - Cheese"
Ethan: "Say it again! Cheeeeeeeeeese!"


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