Here's An Update

1) We have moved our bedroom to the living room. We now sleep on an air matress in amongst couches, chairs and lamps

2) As a result to the above, I have a spider bite in the little piece of skin where the arm meets the body. AH!

3) We have been keeping cool at work, so don't worry guys. This week has consisted of the water park at Granville Island and the water park in Ladner. Yes, the kind three year olds play in.

4) I baked two zucchini loaves at Howard and Diane's. Bad idea - the house got real hot. Or ... Good idea - the end result was so delish!

5) Matt got a new truck! Can't wait to see the sexy beast!

6) My new cousin, Sophie, is now eight days old!

7) Praise the Lord for the cooler day today, for Matt getting his truck, for our weekend with Coco and the long weekend!

8) Please pray for safety for all those travelling this weekend, for Papa and for our dear friend who had a serious accident at work.

9) The garage in the front has a frame and trusses up. The cabinets have been ordered for the suite and the appliances will be soon

10) Travis is heading off to England to study for 4 months! We will miss you Trav!

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