A Visit in the South

This past weekend Spencer and I drove down to Seattle to hang out with Chiara for a night. She was a GREAT tour guide.

Now Sharla, I know that some of these things may seem like mundane motherly duties (maybe not, who knows), but these simple tasks brought joy to my day. Lathering on the Burt's Bees lotion on her soft clean skin, picking out her outfit the next day only to change the top after breakfast. Chasing her around in her diaper and cuddling with her in the morning. Spencer and I had so much fun deciding who gets to give her the bottle this time, and if you get to cuddle at bottle time, then I get the after bath cuddles. We were good at sharing her. I miss that girl.

Reaquainting with Spencer

He shoots, he scores!

What is this scratchy stuff?

Long afternoon at the zoo


A future rocker on our hands?

Cuddles after bathtime.

Doesn't this look good?

Pike Place Market

Love cuddling!

Iced Americano from the very first Starbucks at Pike Place Market

Spencer introduced me to the Troll that lives under the bridge. Ooohh, isn't he scary?

Sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep in the car. Ah, life of a one year old.

I'm sorry Coco, this is SO going in a wedding slideshow. Or perhaps in the yearbook beside your grad photo?

Sharing a popsicle on a hot afternoon. Just so you know, her popsicle was oriinally mine. I just donated it to her after one bite and a river of drool.


  1. THANKS SO MUCH, YOU 2 !!! Ben said she cried when you left! That does a mommy's heart good to hear! :)
    I love that "grumpin' zoo" photo! Again, THANK YOU!!!! -Sharla

  2. Love the one of her walking beside Spencer and the stroller...or maybe I should say 'leading the way!' Looks like she is on a mission!


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