Girls Night Out

Megan ventured out West on Tuesday to hang out with moi, as most Tuesdays I am lonely. Okay, not lonely, but home alone.

It was so freakin' hot, we couldn't hang out here. We ventured to the Air Conditioned Mall (Richmond Centre) which I hadn't been to forever. Seriously, I don't think I have been there this year! Huge, I know right guys?

Well, just as we were getting into the groove of window shopping and trying things on, they began to shut down the shops. :O The mall closes early?! On a hot day?! Nooooo!

We brainstormed where to go next...Steveston was the answer. It is pretty and on the water, so I can't be THAT hot.

Well it wasn't! We got a cool drink and walked along the water.

We laughed - oh, did we laugh! It was so good to have my "Megan fill". The breeze was needed as much as my time with Megan and both were refreshing!

Here are some pictures of our time. Note that in between all of these takes (these are a mere 5 out of all the collection) there were plenty of giggles. It feels good to be silly!

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