A Glass of Lemonade

A couple of weeks back I was riding my bike home from work, iPod on just minding my own business. As I rounded the corner of 8a onto 56th and was a house or two closer two home I came across two young lads. One was about 6 and the other about 4. They were resting in the shade of a tree in the yard, protecting their precious, flawless skin from the tormenting sun. In front of the eldest boy there was a small table with a sign that read "Lemonade 25 cents". There were two jugs of juice (right away I questioned powdered "Coutnry Time" or fresh squeezed?) and a small bucket of ice WITH TONGS (way to go buddy).

At first glance, he seemed like your average 6 year old boy. You know, couple of missing teeth, skinned knees, shy. However, let me tell you I was wrong. Here is how our dialogue went (with some narration).

Michelle: (stops bike, takes out one ear phone) I would like some lemonade please.

Boy: (slightly unsure, but being strong for his kid brother. At least, I am assuming it was his brother.) D'ya want some ice?

Michelle: (has spotted tongs and decides ice would be okay.) Sure, I would love some.

Boy: (adds ice, pouring juice.)

*** Mother is hovering at the front door to make sure I don't abduct her children. You all know I have that real kidnapper look about me. Not to mention, my wicker basket on the front of my bike is strong and capable enough to hold two small children...and a LOT of groceries.***

Michelle: So what're you saving up for? A bike?

Boy: Nope, college.

BAM! There it was. Just like that. He busted out the genious.He probably came out of the womb reciting his ABC's! No wonder his mother was worrying about someone kidnapping her child!

Michelle : (takes a swish, decides on powdered mix.) I think I will take another glass please. (Thinks, this kid is going to need to sell a lot of lemonade at 25 cents a glass)

Boy: (A big smile spreads across his face. Because he impressed another person with such an answer to my question? Or because he is one more step closer to Harvard?)

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