I've Got Sand Between My Toes

Do you know why there is sand between my toes? Well, it MAY because today was a day off mid-week. It MAY be because my girls (and her boy) came out in the middle of the night last night, snuck in set up beds and were here when I woke up. It MAY be because we had good sleeps, late sleeps and a lazy morning. It could be that all these events lead us to the beach down the street! (Man, I am SO blessed!)

After Spencer came home from his very early morning shift (not going to lie to you, I do enjoy a few hours of large bed to myself once in a while, though I miss him dearly while he is working hard.) We packed up a yummy picnik and headed for the beach! We set up blankets and XXL beach blankets (Thanks Mom, it has really come in handy!), food, games and books. The tide was coming in and we were heading out!

The guys (Andrew [he belongs to Edolbina], Spencer and Travis) passed a football and the girls took pictures. The guys joined us for a few. When the tide met us on the last patch of dry sand we headed back for the blankets to work on our tans.

Once we were done with that beach, we headed to South Surrey to check out the new shopping complex (Girls - its AMAZING! We definately needed to spend what? - another few hours there! It is GREAT.) Then we went to the next beach, Crescent where we snacked on some light supper and took more pictures. What a great day off!

Back to work for two more days - then Sunpeaks for MORE adventures. Once I get pictures from Angela, I will post more from today. There are plenty to share.


Look closely...do you see how I edited this picture?

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