Christmas Music

Put me in an insane asylum, lock me up and throw away the key, put my in a straight jacket and tape pillows to the walls... I am in my "Christmas Mood" again.

For those of you who know me well, this is all too familiar. For those of you who have not tapped into the crazy world of me, Welcome.

This is it, random "Christmas Cravings" in July. The timing is right on. As soon as the sun I have been craving starts shining, I want mistletoe, wreaths and garland, warm spicy drinks like chai and eggnogg, Santa decorations and figurines of the Christ Child.

Right now (when I am HOME ALONE. Did you catch the Christmas movie reference there?) I am listening to Christmas Music. At the moment, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" by the one and only Michael Bolton is playing. I was even tempted to watch a mild Christmassy movie, like the Holiday. At LEAST a winterry (is that even a word?) episode of Gilmore Girls.

This week I even volunteered to help prep for the Christmas Card making at work. (Our Society, specifically Studio 19, makes Christmas cards for local businesses, and we have to start now.)So after blogging I plan to make a cup of cinnamon tea and begin sorting through old donated Christmas cards. I may even turn on that movie. (The REAL TRADITIONAL Christmas movies have to wait at least another month. Such as Christmas Vacation and Christmas With the Kranks.)

Like I said, lock me up and throw away the key. Just leave me some tinsel and a Christmas CD and I'll be happy.


  1. Michelle, don't worry about your odd timing for the love of Christmas. I will admit that two nights ago while in the shower, I started to sing "Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas" at the top of my lungs.


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