For some reason I can't put the captions on the top anymore.. hmmm. Heading up the Magic Carpet.

Putting the couch to good use
The game of electronic Life
Don't quit your day job Trav - stay in school
Horsing around

Making the "traditional" trip to the candy shop for a candy apple. We waited patiently for our apples to be dipped.
I should have done this the other way... oops. This is the after picture
So Natalie and I were walking down to the illage when she came across this paper. I dismissed it as garbage, but she picked it up. Two Air Miles tickets for two day passes! SWEET! She kept one and gave on e to Sarah
This picture is the reflection in the backseat window of Spencer and Tyler in the front. Kind of cool.

Sorry for the major delay in blogs.

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  1. The picture of Travis made me laugh out loud.
    That picture makes his parents proud!


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