25 Things

This was a little thing that has been going around on Facebook. I was trying to avoid it, but I finally broke down and did it. So I thought I would share it with y'all. Hope you enjoy it, if not, that is okay too.

1. I can't stop moving. In my sleepor when I'm awake, I tap my my feet, my fingers, flick my toes... I don't even notice anymore.

2. I have many "in another life" For instance, in my other life I am a big deal designer with a penthouse in Manhattan with a view of central park. also, i am a total hippy who travels around in my volkswagon van selling homemade pies, preserves and jewelry on the street.

3. I aspire to have a big beautiful garden with my own veggies and gorgeous flowers. the downer is i squeal when i see a worm. i HATE bugs.

4. I like to dream - if it were up to me I would adopt every orphan in the world, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, be a top chef, travel the world, shop with an unlimited bank account, while being a stay at home mom. :D not too unrealistic is it?

5. I stay in the bathtub until my book is done,fingers are toes are wrinkly and the water is really cold.

6. I love shopping at Safeway because when I give my club card number...watching the price go down is SUCH a thrill...

7. When I get obsessed with something I really get into it. For instance my kick right now is Air Miles so that I can go to Disneyland. I will stock my pantry and cleaning supplies just to get that extra mile.

8 Sometimes I like meat, sometimes I don't. For some reason a big slab of meat just grosses me out. Or if meat looks to much like, well, meat. It makes me sick. I don't want my meat to resemble what it used to be when it had a heartbeat. I am a big fan of boneless, skinless. Other foods that make me physically ill, seafood (salmon is ok) and eggs. YUCK

9. This may not be a little known fact, but I have NO sense of direction. I can get lost in Tsawwassen. Don't speak "compass" to me, I have no idea what way south, north, east and west are!

10. In grade four I gave a rose and valentines day card ot my "longtime" crush (since the summer between one and two). I gave it to my friend to give to him (because you just don't DO those things on your own). I was watching from behind the the wooden bridge on the playground. He took the rose stomped on it, then showed the card to his friends, they were laughing, then one of the guys took out a lighter and lit it on fire. All after I had poured otu my heart on this "Lil Rascals" valentine... how embrassing.

11. I NEED my back scratched before I go to bed every night, otherwise I go crazy.

12. I can't sleep with a pillow. It makes me have a crink in my neck.

13. I am the biggest bed hog, I can push my husband out of bed. However, if I am sharing a bed with someone new, I get so paranoid about hurting them that I sleep like a stick. Once in grade seven I gave Jaylene a huge bruise from kicking her in my sleep.

14. Right now I am into memoirs. It is like knowing secrets, or eavesdropping, but being allowed to. Right now I am reading the memoir of Paula Deen called It Ain't All About the Cookin' Paula is a Southern Cook from Georgia who has her own show on the Food Network called "Paula's Home Cookin'"

15. I wish I lived in Stars Hollow and was a neighbour to Lorali. (Gilmore Girls)

16. I am the least competitive person out there.

17. I LOVE watching the Food Network. Spencer and I got digital cable just for that channel. I aspire to be like Jamie Oliver

18. I sleep more then hibernating bears. And I am the same to wake up as a hibernating bear.

19. Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open.

20. No secret, but I LOVE Hanson.

21. I had always thought I would marry a cowboy.

22. I used to want nothing to do with sports, I just didn't care enough to learn. After dating a football player, marrying a football player, attending every home game, taking "football 101" and "football 202", I am slowly getting used to the idea of it all. Now my life is completely surrounded my sports, if Food Network isn't on, Sportsnet is.

23. I accomplished most of my "life goals" by the age of 23. Europe, Bible school, marriage, Hanson concert.

24. I HATE (and i don't use that word lightly) running. I am LOVING my excercise ball.

25. I feel it in my heart to adopt. Lately I have been thinking Haiti

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  1. #10. That is tragic!
    #15 me too :)
    #4. nope. You can do it. I believe in you!


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