RUSH Youth Conference

Driving up to Kelowna, it was a beautiful clear day-perfect driving conditions!
Spencer was a good driver, concentrating on the road, able to block out the girly chatter.
And we are off! Tessa, Jenny Lynn and Mackenzie were out beautiful passengers.
Modern technology! The girls watching movies and playing games on their computer.
The girls all went for dinner at Ricki's Restaurant when we got to Kelowna.
Jenny Lynn was VERY excited to go to Scandia.
On the shuttle bus going to one of the rallies.

All huddled together trying to keep warm as we all gathered in a FREEZING cold barn.
Andrew waiting for the Starfield concert to start!
Jon Buler (I don't know if I spelled that right) and the Fresh I.E.

Our speaker for the weekend, Sean Claiborne.
Starfield concert
Hangout in the girls' rooms!
The speaker that weekend spoke on love and giving to the community. The simplicity of reaching out and helping one another. He speaks from experience and his lifestyle. He spoke with us about the teachings of Jesus to clotje the poor, feed the hungry and help the widow. We noticed a few things over the weekend. We boiled it down to either poor planning or a subtle way to act what Sean was speaking : They didn;t check Rally passes to enter the building, or for ski passes on the mountain (If you want to listen, come listen), They didn't give people bracelets or stamps for meals. You could have had three dinners if you wished! (If you are hungry, we will feed you.), we all gathered in a cold barn (simplicity of living), we were all shuttled into the site on buses (community), we all ate outside, in the cold on a field. Wow. Another cool thing is when our vans were leaving Kelowna we were stopped at a red light getting ready to head on to the highway when a man with a sign saying something like "hungry" was walking down the centre median. We all just looked at each other and it was like we knew, we had just heard this message and it was almost as if God was asking "Okay guys, how much did you learn?" He received food, water and some money from the three vehicles.

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