Hanging out with Mom and Dad

can you see the train?

While Spencer camped under the sun, the stars, the rain, the snow and the sleet I spent the weekend with Mom and Dad. We visited, watched girly movies (Mom and I did. Nights in Rodanthe and the Women.) Saturday we went East (see, I am not THAT directionally challenged!) and headed towards Aggasiz for a hike. The dogs LOVED running up the mountain beside the truck and playing in the snow. They have to much energy that I wish I could have! It was forcasted to rain and possibly snow, but when we got up there was blue sky! So we went out, did our thing and when we hopped back into the truck to head back down the mountain it began to hail and rain. By the time we got to Harrison (for ice cream ;) ) it was pouring! We were the only ones crazy enough to be eating the delicous frozen treat. On the way home Spencer called to tell us he would be joining the rest of us INDOORS as it was just a bit too cold sleeping in tents along the river. So him and dad enjoyed the hockey game from the warmth and comfort of our house. :D

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