Dance, dance!

The crowd, a very loud, excited crowd.
I just LOVE the costumes. Would it be suitable to wear, big flowy skirts like this?
This was an African dance. It made me want to go there! Their dances always seem to celebrate and are full of joy.
If this is ballroom dancing, I'm scared to try.

Isn't this cute? I can picture her as a little girl dreaming of this moment.

This was a group dance. They were dancing to a song I love "Happy Ending" by Mika. They were dressed in what I would describe "Oliver Twist" style costumes.
This was one of the dance finales for a group dance. It was a really fast spanish kind of dance.

There was lots of spinning....
(this guy was the winner of the contest, which was a show. His name I think is Niko)

Kind of a Gothic style contemporary dance. Very cool mood, and GREAT costumes

Flips and twists that were out of this world! Note that most times, like here, the girls are wearing KILLER heels!

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