So You Think You Can Dance, Canada?

For Jessi's birthday, and in honor of her leaving for Y.W.A.M. in a week, we decided to buy her a ticket and for all of us to go with her, to see the tour of the top ten dnacers of one of he favourite shows, So You Think You Can Dance Canada. She had mentioned she wanted to go when they first advertised the tour a long, long time ago. We schemed for her to get the night off, come to my place for dinner and have a "girls night". I had never really watched the show, but was more then willing to go along to something Jessi and the other girls found so much enjoyment in. What a fun night it ended up being! Happy Birthday Jessi!

We hid the ticket under a cupcake.
Jessi, confused. She said "But this ticket is for tonight you guys." And we replied, "We know, eat your cupcake we are leaving in fifteen minutes!" It was so fun to surprise her.
On the way downtown

This is us seated at the show waiting for it to start.

This is the sign that the girls made. It says, "We are the fabulous five [that is what we call us girls} + 1 [which was Taylor] and we think you can dance"

We spotted one of the dancers backstage!

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