Root Beer Fest

The table centerpieces. A ROOT Beer stein, the German flag, and some wheat.
Mmmm...Root Beer
Jalen and Natalie get every last drop

Ok, I know it LOOKS like I am intoxicated by real beer, but I swear all I had was Root Beer.

Larry Shareski, Spencer and I

This is Larry's sister-in-law, Ruth. She did a skit for us about being a German house wife. It was so funny, and her accent was so good. She said "Vee German vimen like to do everything more diificult. Zis is the truth."Another skit by Susan Hall, Karla Babcock and Jalen Saip. Jalen played Ralph Shareski, Karla played Ruth, and Susan was the interviewer from the Missions Board. It was back in the day when the Shareski's applied to be missionaries in Germany, also very funny.

Missionaries from our church came from Manheim, Germany on their furlough. We had a "Root Beer Fest" to welcome them back. It was a pot luck dinner with lots of German food (everyone knows church pot lucks are the best), with some skits and worship in honour of them.

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