Who Will Be President? Just Watch Monday Night Football!

Today Spencer came home with a piece of Trivia. Apparently, the Washington Redskins game before the American election predicts who will win. If they lose the game, the Democrats will win the election, if they win the Republicans win too. Apparently this theory has been tested over a period of 16 elections...so they say. As of 8:30 pm, this is who will be winning tomorrow.

This is the coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is voting for Barack Oboma, because he wants his team to win.
Here you can see the score at the bottom of the screen, 23 - 6 for the Steelers.

This is what I do when Spencer watches Monday Night football. I also take a bath usually , so that Spencer can watch at least part of the game in peace and quiet. (Usually I am chattering away, asking questions. I ask a lot of "why" and "how come".)

So, as you can see, as of right now, Borack Obama will be the furture president of the United States, according to some crazy football fans. Night night, and Happy Voting American friends!

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