The Family Comes to Town

Some days are too intimate to follow people around with a camera. Yesterday was one of those days. My parents,brother and his girlfriend all came out to see Spencer and I in Tsawwassen. It was so special because I have never had them ALL over at once before. We always joke that our family are the Griswold's (National Lampoon's vacation movies), so when they arrived I joked that it was like the scene from Christmas Vacation when both sets of grandparents arrive for Christmas and ring the doorbell. They slow it down and make it seem like a horror. Do you know what I am talking about? We ate lunch here, visited, and headed into Richmond to see a movie. Matt kept saying "the Griswold's Go to the Theatre". We saw "The Secret Life of Bees". It was a good movie, the girls cried. Then we all went for dinner. It was such a good day, and like I said, some days don't always need pictures. So you will just have to trust me on this one. :D

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