Visiting Caronport

Our friend from camp, Brad and his wife Samantha, also live in Sask. So we hung out with them a few times. Here we are ay their place playing "Wise or Otherwise"
On Saturday we did a scavenger hunt in Moose Jaw. There were lots of give-aways and not one of us took a prize home!

Wrigley thinks she is the prettiest decoration on the tree! Dave is trying to be mad, but she is too cute!

flat...... flat.... flatter.....

we set up the christmas tree, listened to carols and drank apple cider.

a photo shoot at the school!

Whitt was sent this in the mail from her friends. It is a fridgle magnet. So funny!

The last meal in Sask. We met Brad and Samantha for lunch.

As a special surprise Spencer sent me to Sask. to visit our friends Dave and Whitney, who are going to school at Briercrest. I spent 5 days with them. They showed me around Moose Jaw, we shopped, went to the hot springs, I went through Whitt's tour at the Al Capone tunnels and we set up the Christmas stuff. It was so good to see them and spend time seeing where they live.

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