This is Stella, our new kitty. She has been living with us for 1o days. She is 10 weeks old this past Thursday. She is getting quite comfortbale here and is so playful. She also can be mellow too. She likes her tummy rubbed, cuddling and her favourite toy is her blue sparkley pom pom ball. She also likes crinkly things like wrapping paper and plastic bags! We don't know exactly what breed she is, but I am pretty sure she is part siamese as she meows lots and her colouring is similar. She has bright blue eyes and soft fluffy hair. Meet Stella, our new addition!

This is this last Tuesday when Mom came to visit. They were playing with her toy!
Attempting to cuddle, but she was just not in the mood!

Sleeping on Spencer's shoulder. Her favourite place to hang out is on a shoulder. She thinks she is a parrot.
She LOVED to play with the ribbon that she discovered while I was wrapping Christmas gifts.

Cuddling on the couch. She is so cute when she sleeps.

Sunday afternoon naptime.

Giving Uncle Tyler lots of kisses!

Poor kitty! After her first bath.
Spencer gave Stella her first bath. She wasn't happy then, but she still loves him.

I was holding her up like this, and she just fell asleep!

Discovering new playgrounds.

Her first night at home. Discovering toys, smells...


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