In Disguise, Again

Tonight we had our youth event "In Disguise, Again". It was a sequel, I guess, to last year's Halloween youth event. We made this one a roller disco. Everyone brought their rollerblades and scooters and went in the gym with music, fun lights and a disco ball. We also had arcade games in the foyer (no quarters for these ones!), pool tables, ping pong and air hockey. Everyone was dressed up, carving pumpkins and skating the night away. Here are some pictures of some great costumes and other things.

Sailors - we will see how far they make it in their cardboard boat.

This is our Alana dressed as a construction worker!

Peter Pan and Wendy

Bonnie was a 50's houswifeKyle and Jalen went as 1920's mobster and flapper

Hershey Kiss!
It is hard to tell, but Nat is a sumo wrestler. It cost $20 - to keep!

A retro football player and a Who from Whoville.

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