Stamp It Up

Mom and I were at Michael's, we love looking around that store! Recently I discovered the wonders of stamping. With the help of a co-worker I did embossing for homemade Christmas cards. I may have started an addiction! Stamping is so fun and a great way to add some charm to anything. Well, almost. I had one of those magical %40 off coupons, so I got one rubber stamp. There were so many that I loved! Why are they so expensive? :( So I was sneaky and took pictures of the other ones I liked, so that I could draw them out on cards or scrapbooks. Muah hahaha.

These ones were so cute! Quotes from little kids. This one of that genre was my favourite!
The next three are really cool designs that inspired me! Some of them would even make a cool folk-art style painting. It is such a great way to embellish!

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